That strawberry time of year.

What a lovely time of year, this is. Strawberry picking is an annual event at Harpole, as we can walk through the village, up the hill to the farm. We do our best to limit the number of strawberries eaten on site but this isn’t always successful!

Boy tasting strawberry

The process is a great learning opportunity as well. Counting and weighing, comparing and sorting, paying with money – there are lots of opportunities to discuss simple mathematical concepts. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for social interaction as the children share and discuss their bounty.

Two children discuss their strawberries

We use every opportunity to teach children about the wider world and strawberry-picking gives us ample reason to do so; we talk about growing, nurturing and harvesting fruit before we leave nursery and then the children can see (and taste!) the results for themselves.

Boy strawberry picking at Harpole

Days later the children are still talking about their experience and looking forward to next year!

On our way to the strawberry farm


Child picking strawberries at Harpole


Girl picking strawberries





That strawberry time of year.