Coronavirus update

18 March 2020

Dear Parents

We have just heard that the government will force a partial closure of all nurseries from Friday evening until further notice. Only children of key workers and vulnerable children will be permitted to attend from Monday onwards.

Parents who are key workers & those caring for vulnerable children

The government has given examples of key workers as people who work for the NHS, delivery drivers and the police. There may be more people added to this list, and we will be watching for updates on the website.

The government is describing vulnerable children as children include those who have a social worker and those with Education, Health and Care Plans – a legal document that describes a child’s special educational needs and the support they require.

If you believe you are a key worker or care for a vulnerable child, please email nursery and let us know so that we can plan for the weeks ahead. Please try to limit phonecalls. You will be invoiced as normal while your child continues to attend or receive funding from the local authority.

Parents who are NOT key workers

Our plan for March

  • to ask you to please allow us to retain the fees you have paid for the month of March.

  • to refund you any overpayments which you have made which cover the period from April onwards, if you request this. The money will be held on your account until we are open again, if you don’t request a refund.

  • to pay our staff as usual at the end of the month.

    Our plan for April, May and June
  • to not invoice you for the months of April, May or June

  • to pay our business costs and staff wages as fully as possible, with a combination of reserve funds, bank loan and (hopefully) insurance payouts

  • As soon as we are allowed to fully open, business will continue as usual and we will issue invoices from that date.

    Many of us will be working behind the scenes to ensure this process runs smoothly. We would be very grateful if you would communicate with us via email and we will answer as soon as humanly possible.

    Please note that you will need to cancel your standing orders and childcare vouchers from April onwards – for us to repay these is time consuming and often quite complicated and we cannot guarantee repayments will be made by a certain date.

    If you email to request a refund of an overpayment, please include your sort code and account number and the name of your child.

    To all parents
    We would like to offer a sincere thank you from us for your ongoing support. Our staff have been incredibly committed to keeping things going at nursery during a very difficult time and we also owe them further gratitude for the coming weeks. 
    We will continue to keep you updated by email as things develop.

    Kind regards

    Sharon Peach and Scott Roberts
    Directors, Bambino Ltd
Coronavirus update

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