Child development in the early years

It’s crucial that the staff at Harpole Day Nursery can assess your children’s development for the whole time they are with us. To do this, we use government guidelines known as Development Matters. They are basically a collection of milestones which little ones can be expected to reach eg a baby of 8-20 months is likely to be using noises, words, pointing or touch to start a conversation with you. You’ll see notice from this example that the age range is pretty wide!

The document is a good starting point, though, and helps to highlight if there are any developmental delays we should discuss with you.

Rather than wade through the entire document, you might prefer this:

It’s a really friendly little guide which explains the milestones we can expect from our children. Please don’t hesitate to have a chat with your child’s key person if you have any concerns.

We also like the parent-friendly NHS guide to child development here:

Child development in the early years

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