New technology

Girl at the computerAt home, your children will probably already be familiar with some of your technology. I know in our house, our children have picked up the ability to navigate around our new tablet far more quickly than I and I frequently find my iphone wallpaper has changed to something of their choosing!

At nursery, the government curriculum asks us to monitor the extent to which we help children develop their skills with technology and we do this in a number of ways. We offer a range of different tech items including programmable robots, battery torches and CD players. By the time they move on to school, the children will have had many opportunities to use the computer and many will have the ability to use a simple programme such as this letter-recognition software from ‘Jolly Phonics.’

But our support starts much earlier than this, for example by providing action toys for babies and helping them to develop an interest in various buttons, flaps and shutters. Even before they can talk, staff verbalise the effect of children’s actions as they investigate what things can do.

It’s always valuable to hear from you just how familiar your child is with IT equipment, so don’t forget to let us know if your little one is able to dial a phone or use the intercom – we can build on this knowledge at nursery.

Pointing at computer


New technology