Meet the staff…Naomi De Groot

NaomiWhat is your role at nursery?

I’m a Nursery Nurse working in the Bears and Butterflies. I’m qualified with a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education.


What is your childcare background?

This is my first job after college. I actually came to Harpole last year as a student and loved it so much that I applied for this position when it came up.

I come from a big family and take care of my nieces and nephews most days.


Who is special to you?

My special people are my nieces and nephews. I love spending time with all five of them and I’m really excited to meet my new niece who is due soon.


What’s your favourite thing at nursery?

My favourite thing about nursery is playing with all the children. I love singing songs and getting messy, too.


What makes you smile?

When all my little friends at nursery are smiling and have had a great day!

Meet the staff…Naomi De Groot
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