Meet one of the owners, Sharon Peach

Barbara and Stella chatting with Sharon
Barbara and Stella chatting with Sharon

What is your role at nursery?

I’m one of the owners, along with my parter, Scott. I work closely with the management team to oversee childcare standards and I also sort out the finances.


What is your background?

I started working in childcare as a nanny about 20 years ago and then worked in various nurseries as a nursery nurse. I took a sideways step into journalism in my late twenties but returned to childcare when I was expecting our first baby. I became Harpole’s manager in 2006.


Who is special to you?

Scott and our two children, 9 year old Oscar and Corin, who’s 7. Both children came to Harpole full time and still love visiting on weekends and in the holidays. It’s our second home!


What’s your favourite thing about nursery?

I love my job! Until we took over the nursery I’d never had a job which meant so much to me as Harpole. The nursery’s ups and downs feel very personal and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Aside from our family, this is genuinely the most important thing in my life.


What makes you smile?

Showing new parents around and celebrating all the good things we do at nursery. I still love chatting to the children, they have such a wonderful way of putting things into perspective!

Meet one of the owners, Sharon Peach
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