Meet one of the owners, Scott Roberts

ScottWhat is your role at nursery?

I’m a co-director, working with my partner, Sharon, behind the scenes. I’m responsible for maintenance, IT systems and making sure the staff get paid for all their hard work.


What is your background?

I’ve been involved with the nursery since we first bought Harpole, 9 years ago. I gave up my job as a Formula One systems engineer in 2011 to work full time with the nursery. My current job is certainly more family-friendly.


Who is special to you?

My family including Sharon and our two children, Oscar and Corin. They mean the world to me.

Scott, Sharon, Oscar and Corin
Scott, Sharon, Oscar and Corin


What’s your favourite thing about nursery?

The children at nursery are always eager to help me with some of the maintenance such as building new furniture or equipment. They often bring me their play tools and get their ‘hard hats’ ready.


What makes your smile?

You can’t ever be too serious around young children, they are so full of fun. I’m always happy, too, when my work involves being at nursery around lunchtime to sample Rachael’s wonderful nursery food!

Meet one of the owners, Scott Roberts
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